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Outdoing Martha. Egg, asparagus, charred tomato, and avocado open face sandwiches

As I had mentioned, I was in Los Angeles this past weekend. Our return flight to San Francisco was delayed a bit, which wasn’t much of a problem for me as it gave me an opportunity to pick up and read the newest copy of Martha Stewart Living. Although I rarely purchase physical magazines, reading the newest edition of Martha has become one of my flying traditions. They always make you turn off electronic devices during takeoff and landing, practically forcing you to purchase a magazine in over to avoid unnecessary boredom.

While flipping through the glossy pages of Martha, I came across her recipe for charred tomato on toast, topped with a fried egg. It looked delicious, but a bit simple IMO. So I decided that when I returned home, I’d outdo Martha by adding avocado and asparagus. The results were great. Personally I’m not much of a tomato fan, and I think that the egg paired better with the asparagus.


Asparagus bunch
1 tomato
1 avocado
2 eggs
Loaf of bread
Olive oil


1. Preheat small pan over medium heat. Slice asparagus length wise, and note this part is optional. You could cook the whole asparagus, but since I’m going to be laying the asparagus on a piece of bread I wanted to create a flat side.

2. Pour about 1/2 a Tbsp of olive oil in the pan, spread it around, then place the asparagus in flat side down.
3. Let the asparagus cook without touching it for around 5 minutes, depending on the size of your asparagus. Toss, and continue cooking for another 5 minutes until tender. Remove from heat.

4. Cut 4 – 5 thick slices of bread, and brush one side with olive oil.

5. Preheat a larger non stick pan over medium heat. Place bread oiled side down, and allow the edges to blacken.

6. Remove bread from pan, place on a cookie sheet, and put in an oven preheated to between 225 and 250 degrees fahrenheit. This will keep the toast warm while you cook the eggs and tomatoes.
7. Slice one tomato. The thickness will depend on how large of a tomato you are using, but you’ll want to get at least 4 slices if you are feeding 2 people.

8. Transfer cooked asparagus to a plate, then return the pan you’d used for cooking to the heat. Set to medium, and let the pan reheat. Brush each sides of the tomato slices with olive oil, then place them one at a time in the hot pan.

9. Sprinkle with salt, then do not touch the tomatoes for between 3 and 4 minutes. Carefully flip once, then let cook an additional 4 minutes or so until charred.

10. Turn your stove to medium and reheat the pan you’d toasted your bread in. Lightly brush the pan with oil, then crack two eggs into it, one at a time. You should vary your cooking time and method according to your own egg preference. I usually like my eggs over easy, but for this dish I went with sunny side up so that the yolk would be runny and flavor the bread. To do this, let the eggs cook until the whites have gone opaque, and browned on the bottom. Use a spatula to check the bottoms, but do not flip.

11. Turn heat off on the eggs, remove toast from the oven, and begin plating.

12. Place asparagus halves and charred tomatoes on the toast. Then top the asparagus toast with a fried egg, and the tomato side with fresh avocado.

Edgy tip! Using a knife slide the meat of the avocado into squares while it’s still in the skin. Then, use a large spoon to scoop the cubes onto whatever you’re serving. I prefer little squares, but you could always just cut in one direction to get avocado slices.


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