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Pomegranate, arugula, and goat cheese sandwiches (and my trip to the Ghirardelli festival in San Francisco)

Last night I made a batch of my half wheat dinner rolls, so I decided to use them today for a light lunch before my boyfriend David and I went to the Ghirardelli festival here in San Francisco. I’d actually surprised David with the adventure to Ghirardelli square, and wanted to bring along something for us to have for lunch before indulging in sweet samples at the festival. It turns out though, my mastery of the MUNI system is more limited that I’d anticipated, and getting us to North Beach with David in the dark about our final destination was more stressful than I’d anticipated.

Once we arrived it was a great relief to open up my backpack and enjoy these pomegranate, arugula, and goat cheese sandwiches. They’re tart from the pomegranate, tangy from the goat cheese, then the arugula and fresh cracked pepper give these little suckers a good peppery bite. They definitely calmed my nerves, and put me in the mood for chocolate.

Oh, and the view helped too!

That’s me on the left and David on the right.


Wheat rolls
Goat cheese
Olive oil
Black pepper


1. Let’s get started by tackling the pomegranates. First, cut each one in half.

2. Then, place a strainer in your sink and squeeze each pomegranate with your hands to loosen it. Don’t go overboard though, or you’ll squeeze out too much of the juice.

3. Next, take a wooden spoon and vigorously tap the back of the pomegranate while holding it over your strainer.

4. You may have to resqueeze and tap with your wooden spoon for a few minutes, but eventually all of the seeds will fall out. A bit of the inside casing will also fall out, so be sure to sift through the seeds with your hands to remove any.

5. Begin the assembling of your sandwiches by cutting the rolls in half. Depending on how tall your rolls are, you could also scoop out some of the inside of your top piece.

6. In a small bowl or container, crumble a handful of goat cheese, then add a drizzle of olive oil, and a few cracks of black pepper.

7. Mix until smooth.

8. Spread a bit of your cheese onto the bottom half of the roll, then sprinkle a small handful of pomegranate seeds on top. Be sure to press the seeds into the cheese so they won’t go slipping out of your sandwiches.

9. Place on a few arugula leaves, then top the sandwiches with the upper half of the roll.

Oh, and the Ghirardelli festival was awesome. Shout out to Hello Thena’s Bakery! Their brownies and cupcakes were yummy, and the sample sizes left me wanting more.

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